“Little green men?” Ha!

So many people have claimed to have seen alien space ships. None of them have been proven to be right. Anyway: space ships? If intelligent alien life does exist, then would they actually be more technologically advanced than us? Why would they have transportation through space on the same level as we have transportation on land? Chances are, they’d all be just as marooned on their own planet as we are ours. And why would Martians be “little green men”? They’d actually survive on Mars if they were built not like small green people, but like this:

To survive on Mars, something would have to live near water (and scientists have discovered water on Mars). No creatures on Mars could be herbivorous, as there are no plants on Mars. There are two things it could eat; one, other animals gathered around the water, and two, the microbes that live in the water.

The animals could either have a mouth with sharp teeth for eating visible prey, or a special filter mouth for eating microscopic snacks.

Of course, some creatures may get the fluids they need to survive from the other creatures they eat. Those ones would not need to live near a water hole, and could feel free to wander wherever other creatures were.

I would imagine that the creatures who eat microscopic life would have weak eyes which would serve only the purpose of looking out for predators and water holes, and that they would have a large collection of tiny organic strands around it’s mouth to catch prey. It would also have glands on the sides of it’s mouth which it stuck underwater to detect the tiniest movements of microbes. It would also have claws, for defense against predators.

Some aliens would live under the water, and I imagine that there would be more than one species of them. Some would use the same filter mouths as the land-dwelling microbe-eaters, and some would have teeth for eating the other water creatures.

The other aliens who eat larger prey would come in all different types, but they would all have one thing in common: sharp teeth.

I would think that every alien would have nostrils and ears that close (well, the ones that would have nostrils and ears), to keep them from accidentally inhaling the sand. Or, another possibility is that the creatures would be immune to sand storms, and practically ignored them.

It’s impossible to say what they would look like, as these creatures don’t seem to exist, but these creatures that I am describing seem to be the most likely beings-which would be visible to our eyes-to survive on a planet like Mars.

What do you think Martians would look and be like? I’m interested, so please tell me in comments!

See you soon!