Love McDonald’s food?

Wanna eat it all the time?

Think twice before you do, because it can… no, make that will, cause health problems.

It’s okay to eat it every once in a while (although, I prefer other places), but eating it for every meal can cause blood problems, kidney problems, and type 2 diabetes.

Most of the US population is overweight, and a lot of them are obese.  Eating healthy is something a lot of people find hard to do.  My advice; learn about cooking.  Many people eat a lot of fast food because they don’t know how to make their own meals very well.  And, hey, I eat fast food only once a few months, and I survive.

Find out what healthy foods you like, and add onto that list all the time by trying new healthy things.  Replace fast food with these items, and you’re good to go.

I want people to get what I’m talking about, so you might watch these shows:

Super-size Me

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I really enjoyed them, and they teach you a lot about healthy eating (The Food Revolution), and what eating badly does to you (Super-size me).  There are a few parts in Super-size me an adult should probably skip through if you’re a kid, like a scene showing liposuction surgery in progress.

I hope this post did something.  I hope you’ll watch the shows.