The Social Networking Craze

Facebook. Twitter. That kinda thing.

Social networking has become quite popular (that’s an understatement, in case you didn’t catch that).

Millions of people use Social network websites, and most of those people obsess over their accounts. These people check their accounts a dozen-dozen times every DAY, and they post every little thing; ‘I’m feelin good right now how bout u?’… that kind of thing.

But facebook don’t work fer nothin’. It gets it’s money by… Yes! you got it! Selling your personal information (i.e., what ads you click on, what games you play, what friends you have, etc, etc).

Be careful what you put on your profile, what info you reveal, what you click on, what you play, ’cause you’re gonna get some ads emailed to you, and some pop-ups that try to sell you what you ‘tell’ facebook or twitter you’re interested in.

Also, don’t obsess over your social networking profile. Make sure you spend plenty of time off the computer and with your friends in person, and if possible, more time with them than online.

See ya soon,




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