True Perfection

I believe this picture has a deep meaning, as if I created it for a real reason.

Now, you may find yourself wondering; “what could have such a meaning that was created by a 12-year-old?”, well, you will soon find out.

This picture, I believe, has a deep, deep connection to life itself and all around it.  I feel as if all things in existence could be found inside this image.

The meaning of this is unknown to myself and probably the whole of mankind.

It is as if a truly inspired and amazing idea found its way into my mind and expressed itself in the form of a true work of art.

Could this photo be the physical representation of the world’s life-giving aura?

Or even of the universe itself?

We may never know, but I assume that all who view it will be inspired, truly stunned with awe.

You can look into the image of amazement, and see yourself and the world looking back.

Far, far away, where objects of true perfection are stored, you will see this among the universe’s greatest creations.

You may now view this perfect thing, and all will envy you, for it is what the world has been waiting to see for millenniums.

Now, the amazing form of true awesomeness:


Ha! Gotcha!




One response

  1. Pop

    I’m sure someone out there will find True Meaning in this. Especially people who like pie.

    July 6, 2011 at 2:07 am

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